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Cut ng Costs While Remaining Cut ng Edge

BY JENNY MATTHEW usinesses are operating in tough economic times, with budgets being signi? cantly

Bcut during the current indus- try downturn. Unfortunately, when low- ering costs is a key priority, learning and development budgets have historically been one of the ? rst areas to take the hit, yet projects still need to be completed and delivered to the highest possible standard.

It’s well-proven that investing in learn- ing and staff development is essential to ensure immediate and long-term busi- ness objectives are met, such as greater ef? ciencies in project delivery, as well as supporting professional career develop- ment of staff.

In addition, investment in training and staff development indicates a company’s intention to nurture growth and create an environment where staff feel valued. De- veloping your staff and their capabilities helps to develop a cohesiveness within a company that will strengthen the re- silience required to overcome most any downturn. Continuous learning and de- velopment is bene? cial to the individual being trained, the company he or she works for, and the industry as a whole.

Training and people development should be a key part of a company’s overall strategy, and rather than cutting deeply into training budgets, alternative cost saving solutions should be consid- ered.

There are a number of ways to make binars. ”Online training, as with classroom “In-line with the necessity to adapt to signi? cant cost reductions, while still en- Jee Ltd. is an independent multi-dis- training, provides quality teaching which industry requirements and be progres- suring your staff continue to feel valued, cipline subsea engineering and train- is fully supported by skilled profession- sive with those changes, Jee recently and their progression is seen as one of ing ? rm offering multiple channels for als in a facilitated environment - with the upgraded its e-learning site to accommo- the company’s key objectives. One of subsea engineering training, through in- added bonus and advantage of accessi- date the growing number of delegates, these approaches is online or blended company, public and online training de- bility, ? exibility and cost saving,” Jenny and to enhance its online and blended learning. livery. The company recognizes that dur- Matthew, Head of Courses at Jee Ltd., learning offering to the oil, gas and re-

The annual Learning Survey 2014 ing buoyant market conditions, ? exible asserts. “A virtual classroom means that newables industries.

report commissioned by The Learning training options are required to support there is no need to pay for employees to “The energy industry is calling out for and Performance Institute (LPI) has learning during busy project periods and travel to far out destinations, or incur the ? exible training solutions that can be con? rmed that, although the traditional that cuts are inevitable during times of accommodation costs that come with it. used as a cost-effective way of training classroom remains a viable channel for industry downturn. Since 2009, Jee has The ? exible approach also means that for existing and new employees. This in- workplace trainers, it is coming under been investing in alternative solutions staff can engage in online training out- vestment in our site, based on a ‘Moodle’ increasing pressure from live online to meet its customers learning require- side of work hours or around their work learning platform, is part of our ongoing learning, self-paced e-learning and we- ments during busy and slow periods. schedule at their choosing. commitment to provide comprehensive 20 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • MAY 2015

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