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Alicat - South Boat’s IOW 21m Wind

Farm Support Vessel operated by

Seacat Services transporting container craft. The vessel has been optimized for offering the new Alicat 27m (88 ft.) in White said, “Innovation and R&D are equipment transfer. The vessel utilizes high speed passage, turbine access and 12-man or 24-man con? gurations with the starting points for every CTruk proj- the Volvo IPS system for optimal bollard loitering in harsher conditions meaning a modular superstructure that facilitates ect and the core of the company’s busi- pull and service speeds, further increas- it has the capability to be utilised in sea easy conversion for survey roles. Of note ness. Our objective is to deliver vessels ing the fuel ef? ciency of CTruk’s lighter areas such as the German North Sea and is the very high cargo payloads offered and systems that are fully compliant weight composite catamarans.

UK Round 3 wind farm developments by this vessel, potentially up to 60 tons.” with the customer’s operational require- German boat builder Abeking and Ras- that are further offshore.” Featuring ? ner The year 2015 sees the ? rst U.S. wind- ments.” mussen has optimized the Small-Water- initial entry and signi? cantly higher wet farm support vessels in construction. A Based on a proven workboat design plane-Area-Twin-Hull (SWATH) design deck clearance, the 26m is expected to 21m WFSV designed by Alicat Marine concept, the CTruk MPC22 is a 22m for patrol boats and fast workboats. By remain operational at 2.5m (8 ft.) sig- Design under license from South Boats (72 ft.) composite twin-hull with 7.6m reducing the volume of a hull at sea sur- ni? cant wave heights. It is available in IOW in the UK is a proven design which (25 ft.) beam and 1.25m (4 ft.) draft. face and achieving a large proportion of twin waterjet, IPS or quad engine CPP is being tailored to suit the US market This fast workboat has a 20-tonne ? ex- the vessel’s buoyancy beneath the waves con? gurations. Andy Page added, “Ali- and U.S. Coast Guard requirements. The ible payload capability. CTruk’s patented a SWATH vessel can be more stable in cat and Global Marine Design are now vessel is being built by Blount Boats of moveable wheelhouse and ? exible deck rough seas at high speeds. SWATH ves-

Rhode Island and will be in operation by pod system mean that the vessel can ful- sels normally have a twin-hull arrange- 2016. ? ll multiple roles. The vessel can be used ment. The 24m Cat-SWATH 24 Pax

CTruk MPC22 Composite Twin Hull

CTruk is a UK based designer and to transfer 12 technicians or remove its from Danish Yachts is the ? rst of a series

Wind Farm Support Vessel - Fast builder of composite high speed craft. passenger pod to make use of 72 sq. m. of carbon composite crew transfer ves-


CTruk CEO & Chief Designer Andy (2500 sq. ft.) of deck space for cargo and sels designed and built for the offshore 40 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • MAY 2015

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