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NaviTab based and onboard teams.” pliant and its publication holdings up to

Kleven Delivers to

NaviTab’s optimized search engine date. Users can search in seconds to ? nd

Olympic Shipping automatically locates the latest available the relevant publication for a particular publications in a vessels’ holdings and voyage, bookmark essential notes and licenses latest editions as and when they add their own. Information and notes can are available, meaning that whatever be easily cross referenced and essential route a vessel is sailing and wherever it data highlighted using the hand written is in the world, it will always be com- text recognition feature.

Photo: Martin Hauge Nilsen

Offshore construction vessel Olym- pic Bibby, build no. 371 from Kleven

Verft, has been delivered to Norwegian shipowner Olympic Shipping. The ves- sel has a long term charter with Bibby

Offshore, and its ? rst job will be on the

British sector of the North Sea. The naming ceremony was held in Olym- pic’s home harbor Fosnavåg April 9. The vessel measures 87.5 x 19m, making the entrance to the narrow harbor (22m wide) a spectacular sight. The vessel is of MT 6021 design from Marin Teknikk, has accommodation for 68 persons, and is purpose built for subsea inspection, maintenance and repair work. Olym- pic Bibby is the seventh offshore vessel delivered by Kleven to Olympic since 2011, and later this summer vessel num- ber eight, Olympic Nike, will be deliv- ered from Kleven Verft.

Nautisk Launches NaviTab

Nautisk unveiled its latest naviga- tional solution: NaviTab from Nautisk, a unique concept that replaces a vessel’s onboard Navigational Publication li- brary. Hundreds of books have been up- loaded onto a hi-spec hand-held device, suitable for use both onshore and on the bridge. “Currently, all vessels sailing global routes must carry a full portfolio of navigational publications (NPs) in or- der to sail compliantly and meet SOLAS

Regulation,” said Nautisk CEO Thomas

Fjeld. “These NPs include a number of

IMO Publications, Sailing Directions,

Pilot Guides, Radio Signals and list of lights. Having to carry this amount of hardback books on the bridge of a ves- sel where space is already at a premium can be challenging for most shipowners and navigating of? cers. In addition to storage issues, each and every publica- tion needs to be manually updated for the latest corrections, an exercise which can be extremely time consuming and one which potentially offers a chance of human error.” “NaviTab is a brand new solution de- veloped by our team of experts that we expect to revolutionize the way vessels manage their onboard NPs. NaviTab stores hundreds of up to date NPs on one single tablet device, which is updated automatically and can be used by shore 49

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