Bel-Aire Yard To Build Two Tuna Seiners At Total Cost Of $20 Million

Bel-Aire Shipyard Ltd. of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has received a $20- million contract from Atunera Coinseco S.P.A. de C.V. of Mexico City, Mexico, to build two tuna seiners. The vessels are Canadiandesigned by naval a r c h i t e c ts Cleaver & Walkingshaw Ltd. of Vancouver.

Designed for commercial deepsea tuna fishing, each 1,300-ton vessel is large enough to accommodate a helicopter landing pad on her bridge deck. These seiners will be 225 feet long with 43-foot beam, and powered by a 3,600- bhp diesel engine. Refrigerated fish wells are designed to hold a total of 52,000 cubic feet of tuna. Accommodations for a crew of 20 persons will be provided.

According to George Forbes, president and general manager of Bel-Aire, "Production will begin immediately on this contract, which will employ approximately 150 people over its 15-month duration."

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