Largest Vertical Submerged Screw Pumps Successfully Tested At Delaval Turbine

largest vertical submerged
screw pumps successfully
tested at delaval turbine

Performance tests were recently completed at Delaval Turbine Inc., on the largest vertically submerged screw pump systems ever built. Designed by engineers at the IMO Pump Division of Delaval and built at Delaval's Trenton, N.J., plant, the three units are each over 40 feet (12.2 meters) in length and are to be shipped to a Gulf Coast location for installation on an ocean barge for unloading and stripping service.

Each of the pumping systems comprises a right-angle drive, ratio 1.2:1, mounting bracket and discharge flange, discharge pipe, stainless steel three-piece drive shaft and GTSā„¢ geared twin-screw pump with independent seal balance and lube systems. The pump is driven by a 1,000-hp diesel engine through a 4:1 control fluid coupling to supply a capacity of 5,500 U.S. gallons per minute (approximately 7,860 barrels per hour) (1,250 cubic meters/hour). The pump is rated for speeds up to 1,000 rpm, and a maximum discharge pressure of 165 pounds per square inch (1,100 kPa) for liquids ranging from seawater up to crude at 8,000 SSU (190 est). The unloading systems feature the use of external timing gears and bearings which are isolated from all pumpage. A unique pressure balancing and lubricating system serves to lubricate and cools the external gears and bearings, as well as to control differential pressure across the mechanical seals. The working fluid therefore cannot contaminate the lube oil.

Delaval Turbine Inc., a Transamerica Company, has 15 operating divisions at 18 manufacturing locations worldwide. The company makes a line of industrial products, including compressors, condensers, connectors, controls, diesel engines, fasteners, filters, forgings, gearing, pumps, sensors, turbines and valves.

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